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Legacy Data Rationalization and Access

Many Higher Ed Institutions continue to run systems for the sole purpose of collecting data for IPEDS, or occasionally to provide historical access and analysis. The plain truth is that these systems and data sources may be the most expensive within the Institution based on the occasional access and high cost to maintain the systems. The hidden costs of keeping the systems running may include not only the server and hardware infrastructure, but also operating systems, databases and reporting tools which carry annual maintenance fees.

Engage the Data collection services of Velaris to harvest your data so that is retained and made more accessible in a sensible data repository from which reporting and downloads are easily accomplished. Doing so will relieve the maintenance and associated costs, as well as free-up staff and computing resources for more strategic activities.

Velaris will deliver a harvested and relevant database comprised of historical information from the patchwork of sunset system candidates. This information is accessible for dimensional reporting, using institutional-defined filters (Dates, Schools, Degrees, etc.). This information is also available for spreadsheet access as well as for loading into a Higher Ed Data Warehouse or other structure.